salon jaylee
salon jaylee
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MJ Hernandez

Accounting Manager and Human Resources Manager

“Only with professionalism and innovation expertise can we leverage our product value to our customers. The box can be very beautiful, the advertisement can be fantastic, but the product used by the customer is really the formula.”

MJ began in the beauty industry with L’Oreal Paris in 2005. Learning the value and essence of professional cosmetics, hair styling and makeup discovery was an amazing total beauty experience help. MJ is passionate about the industry because the beauty business allows individuals to express their personalities, gain self-confidence and open up to others.

“I fell in love with this industry after my Sweet Fifteen. I was wearing a gorgeous dress, and my personal makeup girl (my mother) made my makeup look the best it ever has. Now many wonderful memories are coming back to me…I was the type of girl who used her mom’s makeup, shoes and hair products all the time.”

She continues to contribute to beauty in her role with the company. Through her passion, entrepreneurship and pursuit of excellence, MJ strives to reach more consumers through the different brands and products.

“I am very proud to be a part of this company. I have managed to keep inspiring others to achieve beauty, not only physically, but also for their souls.”

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