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2022 beauty trends

2022 is the year of boldness, self-expression, and getting out of our comfort zone. The beauty industry is evolving in such a way that caters to and inspires the individuality of each person. Now is the time to unapologetically be YOU and feel beautiful while doing it.

Be a trendsetter by trying out some of these fun beauty trends for 2022!

1. Super short hair.

Short and sweet is the motto for many desired haircuts. Short styles can be more manageable and less time-consuming than long styles, which is perfect for the chicka always on the go. Popular short cuts include layered lobs, bixies (bob + pixie,) traditional bobs, and edgy undercuts.

2. Glossy makeup.

The dewy look can be admired on many beauties. The highlighted wetness atop the eyelid boosts the pigment of your eyeshadow and really make your eyes pop. There are even some glossy blushes you can play around with for a shimmering glow. Be sure to prime your lids and apply eyeshadow before applying any gloss to prevent creasing!

3. Lots of layers.

Layers are a common characteristic of 2022 haircuts. Short layers, long layers, choppy layers, textured layers… the list goes on. Research what type of layers are most flattering for your face shape and go for it! Your stylist can help you determine what layered-look is best for you.

4. Bleached eyebrows.

This year’s New York Fashion Week really set the stage for the bleached eyebrow beauty trend. This is just one of the many beauty trends from the 90s and early 2000s that are making a comeback! Fortunately, you can achieve the bleached eyebrow look without dying your brows. Using a light brow gel, concealer, and setting powder can do the trick!

5. Mullets.

Mullets are no longer only seen in music videos from the 80s. Both men and women are embracing the “business in the front, party in the back” hairstyle. Celebrities rocking a mullet include Miley Cyrus, Zendaya, and Doja Cat.

6. Nail art.

Our nails are more of a canvas than ever before with modern nail art tips and tricks. Nail art encompasses the nail shape, length, and design. While a fresh, natural manicure will never go out of style, a bright, colorful manicure will encourage head turns and compliments. Pastel colors, nail accents, nail charms, colored French manicures, and earthy greens are all the rage.

7. Glitter.

Bathing yourself in glitter is a sure-fire way to feel magical. Body glitter and glitter makeup can be seen from space with its recent popularity! Glitter is not limited to special occasions, but can be used in your everyday look.

8. Colored eyeliner.

Match your eyeliner with your outfit of the day. Sticking to dark shades of eyeliner can be boring. Spice up your makeup routine with a colored eyeliner! You can also accentuate your eye color by using specific colors. For brown eyes, try gold or blue. For green eyes, try purple or peach. For blue eyes, try light pink or grey. For hazel eyes, try green or yellow.

9. Hair frosting.

Coined by the award-winning color direct at Taylor Taylor London, Stuart Marsh, hair frosting embodies a “salt and pepper” effect on the hair with light strands finely falling on darker strands. Hailey Bieber’s recently sun-kissed hair is a prime example of hair frosting. Differing from foil highlights and balayage, hair frosting blends more into your natural hair and is viewed as more subtle.

10. Faux freckles.

Wendy (from the Wendy’s fast-food chain) is the role-model for cute, natural freckles! You can easily create your own faux freckles by simply lightly dotting, dabbing, and blending your skin with an eyebrow pencil. Focus on placing the freckles where the sun hits your face.

Which beauty trend do you want to try most?

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