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2023 hair predictions

Fashion and beauty trends change about as fast as rainbows fade! Keeping up with the trends can be fun, but it’s also freeing to put your individualized spin on things.

Take inspiration from what’s trending and create your own unique, style!

Each year, beauty professionals love to make predictions for what will be trending in the hair world for the upcoming year.

For 2022, there were many predictions that mullets would make a comeback, shaggy styles would dominate, and bangs would make an appearance… All of which came true!

As for 2023, what do you think is in-store for trending hairstyles, cuts, & colors? Let’s see what the pros are already saying!

1. Shiny, glossy hair.

Messy buns and loose hairs will be replaced with sleek and neat hairstyles. If you can see the reflection of light on your scalp, you’re doing it right. The shinier, the glossier, the better! Gloss up your hair with TENAJ’s Dry Shine Elixir to add a brilliant shine without weighing your hair down.

Hair by @colorbymarina.

2. Undercuts.

After years of growing your undercut out, it might be time to shave that baby again. If you’ve never tried rocking an undercut, what’s holding you back? Undercuts are fun for all hair lengths! They’re also ideal for those with thick hair wanting to be cooler when the warm weather hits.

Hair by @playwithscissors.

3. A mixie cut.

Have you ever heard of or seen a mixie cut? A mixie is a mash-up of a mullet and pixie. Those bold enough to try this hairstyle will make a statement. Retro and grunge-like, this unique hairstyle is predicted to be the “cool girl cut” of 2023!

Photo: Leighanne Pinnock

4. Strawberry blonde.

Lighten things up with a spunky strawberry blonde hair color, rather than a traditional blonde. This brighter, honey-toned, pink-hued color is the perfect segue from winter hair to spring hair! Use TENAJ’s Amplified Inflection shampoo and conditioner to better protect and preserve your fresh hair color.

Hair by @jd.doeshair

5. Spiky hairstyles.

Add some edge to the new year with a spiky, shorter hairstyle. Often viewed as a rebellious hairstyle, spiky hair can be played down for a punk look, or played up for a formal look. Short, spiky hair is appropriate for all occasions! TENAJ’s Matte Finishing Paste is excellent for styling textured hair with a flexible control.

Hair by @kariebell_hair.

6. Gemini hair.

Dying your hair two different shades, and typically showing it off with a middle part, has been coined as “gemini hair.” Geminis are known as the dualistic twins of the zodiac, hence the concept of two-toned hair being referred to as “gemini hair.” There are countless color combos to choose from, such as light pink and blonde hair!

Photo: Nicki Minaj by @kopaloffphoto.

7. Curtain bangs.

Curtain bangs frame the face like no other! Whatever your face shape is, a talented stylist can style you with curtain bangs that naturally fall on your face (without getting in your eyes!) It’s recommended to style curtain bangs with a medium-barrel round brush to increase volume and mimic the appearance of a blown-out look.

Hair by @brendaracelihair.

What hair trends do you predict for 2023? What hair trends do you wish would come back? What hair trends do you wish to never return? Let us know your thoughts below!

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Happy New Year!