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best makeup colors for your skin tone

We have all been there. You are testing out every foundation color on the counter and just can’t find the right color match to your skin tone. Or, you have tried every color in your eyeshadow palette and still aren’t sold on any.

Depending on your skin tone, varying colors and shades of makeup can make a world’s difference for your makeup look! You can go from thinking you look like a clown, to feeling like a goddess.

The dominant four types of skin tones include light, fair, medium, and dark. The dominant three types of skin undertones include warm, cool, and neutral. Knowing both your skin’s tone and undertone is essential for creating a flawless makeup look!

You can identify you skin tone by taking a look at your jawline under natural sunlight, as this part of the face is less affected by skin color changes than the rest of your face. From this view, you can more easily determine if your skin is light, fair, medium, or dark toned.

Your skin’s undertone can be identified by performing the simple wrist test, for starters. What are the color of your veins? If they are blue or purple, then you have a cool skin undertone. If they are olive-like or greenish, then you have a warm skin undertone. If you can’t identify what the main color is of your veins, then you have a neutral skin undertone.

Another way to identify your skin’s undertone is to think about whether you burn easily in the sun or not. If you do burn easily and tan slowly, your skin’s undertone is cool or neutral. If you do not burn easily and tan quickly, your skin’s undertone is warm.

Check out your skin tone and undertone below to discover what makeup colors are best for you!

Fair skin tone.

Lips: Light, baby pinks

Eyes: Baby pink, taupe, light gold, ivory, blue

Blush: Peachy-pinks, light peach, baby pink

Light skin tone.

Lips: Nude, peach

Eyes: Tan, brown, gold, orchid

Blush: Peach, plum, light pink

Medium skin tone.

Lips: Pink beige, darker pink

Eyes: Brown, light brown, tan, gold, violet

Blush: Yellow-orange, mauve, soft berry

Dark skin tone.

Lips: Nude brown, purple/red berry

Eyes: Dark brown, bronze, orange, tan, burnt orange

Blush: Mauve, bright orange, burgundy

Cool undertone.

Lips: Pinks, plum, burgundy, silver

Eyes: Brown, gray, purple, rose

Blush: Mauve, pink, plum

Warm undertone.

Lips: Coral, bronze, red-orange, gold

Eyes: Dark brown, orange browns, green, yellow, black

Blush: Peach, light brown, yellow-beige

Neutral undertone.

Lips: Peach, red, pink

Eyes: Gold, lilac, taupe, gray

Blush: Pink, cherry, peach

At Salon Jaylee, we use and carry Kevyn Aucoin makeup products. Notorious for being behind the scenes of various celebrities’ makeup artistry, Kevyn Aucoin has forever changed the beauty industry. He shaped the look of Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Whitney Houston, Tina Tuner, Madonna, Cher, and more!

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