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hair extensions maintenance tips

Hair extensions are not new to beauty — the first documented hair extensions actually date back over 5,000 years ago! Ancient Egyptians created hair extensions, sewn-on hair pieces, and attachable braids from human hair and dyed sheep’s wool. Today, the trend continues!

At Salon Jaylee, we offer Great Lengths hair extensions, JZ Styles hair extensions, and Babe hair extensions. Whether you are looking to lengthen your hair or add volume, our stylists can make your hair dreams come true!

Because hair extensions are an investment in your time and money, we want to ensure you properly maintain them. Overall, hair extensions are simple to maintain, but they are certain things you want to do and certain things you want to avoid.

Follow the 5 tips below for the best hair extensions experience:

1. Avoid washing hair for at least 48 hours after receiving hair extensions.

Doing this allows the hair extensions to properly set without interference from water or product. After the 48 hours, you are free to wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo.

Gently wash your hair to prevent the extensions from matting or creating dreadlocks. Sectioning your hair may be easier to get a thorough wash. If you use a towel on your hair after shampooing, do so with care.

Image Source: Great Lengths Hair Extensions

2. Section hair to more easily brush or style hair.

Sectioning the hair is not only useful when washing your hair, but when brushing and styling it as well. This will become second-nature to you as you get used to your hair extensions. Sectioning the hair allows for an easier detangling process and helps manage the hair when styling.

3. Avoid putting product directly on the hair extension bond.

Hair care products can be applied to the hair extensions themselves, but not the bond of the hair extensions where the extension meets the scalp. When the bond is exposed to products, it is more likely to interfere with the bond. Also, product buildup in general is never good for the hair.

Image Source: Babe Hair Extensions 

4. Sleep with hair in braid or low ponytail.

To tame your hair throughout your beauty sleep, get in the habit of detangling and pulling your hair back into a braid or low ponytail for the night. This will prevent the hair extensions from moving and will offer you more comfort.

5. Air-dry hair when possible.

Air drying your hair is most gentle on your hair extensions. For those that shower at night, this is easy, but for those that shower in the morning, it’s not so simple.

If you do blow-dry your hair, do not blow-dry upside down. This is too rough on the hair extensions and can create a mess of knots real quick.

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 Image Source: JZ Styles Hair Extensions

Interested in hair extensions? Schedule a consultation to learn more! Pricing varies depending on the desired service and hair type. Below are our certified stylists at each of our salon locations:

 Colony Plaza:

Amanda Mastrapa (@mandadoeshair) is certified in Great Lengths & JZ Styles hair extensions! 

Sarah Commini (@sarah.grace.styles) is certified in JZ Styles hair extensions! 

Johanna Morales (@styled.by_jo) is certified in JZ Styles hair extensions!

Jackie Johnson (@jmarjo1027) is certified in Babe hair extensions!

Southern Trace Plaza:

Kaitlyn Johnson (@kaitlynjhair) is certified in Great Lengths extensions! 

Careliz Torres ( is certified in Great Lengths and JZ Styles hair extensions!  

Magnolia Plaza:

Lilianna Vives (@styledbylilianna) is certified in JZ Styles hair extensions!


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