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hair facts you didn't know

Hair has evolved from a necessary aspect of survival to a daily expression of individuality. What once was used to warm us and protect us from outside irritants is now viewed as a physical extension of who we are.

You may think you know it all when it comes to hair care, but you will be surprised to learn the 20 proven facts below!

1. The average person has between 100,000 to 150,000 individual hair strands, depending on hair type, hair color, race, and other determining factors.

2. Each day, you lose approximately 50 to 150 strands of individual hair.

3. Thankfully, while bone marrow is the first fastest growing tissue in the human body, the hair is the second fastest growing tissue. Even though we shed hair daily, we are continually growing new hair.

4. Each of our individual hair strands survive approximately 5 years.

5. Hair is predominately made out of keratin, which is a type of protein found in the body. Keratin is viewed as an essential building block of the human body.

6. Black is the most common hair color. Red is the least common hair color.

7. Each individual hair stand can hold up to 100 grams of weight. To provide a mental image, imagine your hair strand supporting the weight of a banana, a bar of soap, or two pieces of silverware.

8. Your hair can reveal what it is in your bloodstream, but cannot reveal your gender.

9. When wet, healthy hair can be stretched up to 30% of its length.

10. On average, blondes have the largest number hair strands, and redheads have the smallest number.

11. A hair follicle will replenish a new strand of hair nearly 20 times in a person’s life.

12. On average, women devote nearly 2 hours per week to styling their hair.

13. The average woman will spend $55,000 on hair products and services throughout their lives.

14. It takes approximately 7 years to grow your hair to your waist, and 3 years to grow it shoulder-length.

15. In the 1950s, only around 7% of women colored their hair. Today, around 85% of women color their hair! Out of that 85%, 22% will visit a salon, and 37% will color their hair at home.

16. Over 60% of Americans develop grey hair by 60 years old.

17. Ancient Roman women used to color their hair blonde with bird dung, gold dust, or pollen.

18. L’Oréal, founded by Eugene Schuler, was the first to create synthetic hair color in 1907.

19. On average, hair grows a half an inch per month, computing to 6 inches per year.

20. Research shows that hair drys out as we age.

Which fact shocked you the most?

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