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hello, my name is balayage



Whether you are scrolling through Insta or searching fall trends, you’re seeing the word everywhere: B-A-L-A-Y-A-G-E. (pronounced bah-lay-ahj) However, most are unsure what balayage is and often times, misuse the word all together. We are here to break it down for you!

Balayage is a technique that can be used to create many different looks such as ombre, sombre, color melts, rooted styles and more. It comes from the French word “to sweep,” as stylists use a sweeping motion to actually paint strands of hair. This is different than the traditional way of highlighting, in which hair is isolated in a foil. The foil produces heat, which creates brighter blondes. Balayage air-processes and gives a softer, subtler result with the ends being the lightest.


So, there you have it! Balayage is a technique used to create the most sought after looks while ombre, sombre, etc. are the colors achieved with balayage. Check out some of our talented team's balayage creations below.