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tenaj® products

Salon Jaylee is proud to carry our owner’s, Janet West, professional hair care line TENAJ®!

These products were carefully formulated to cater to all hair types and support beautiful, healthy hair.

As the top selling hair care line in our salons, it was built to nurture hair to fight against Florida weather conditions and outdoor activities. TENAJ® products will help you maintain your hair while enjoying all that Florida has to offer!

Within the TENAJ® product line, there are 6 product categories purposed for various hair concerns. These product categories include rejuvenate INFLECTION®, amplified INFLECTION®, hydrate INFLECTION®, brightening INFLECTION®, luxe INFLECTION®, and style INFLECTION®.

Use rejuvenate INFLECTION® if your hair goal is to counteract hair loss.

Use amplified INFLECTION® if your hair goal is to preserve your hair color.

Use hydrate INFLECTION® if your hair goal is to moisturize dry hair.

Use brightening INFLECTION® if your hair goal is to add radiance to your hair.

Use luxe INFLECTION® if your hair goal is to repair damaged hair.

Use style INFLECTION® for a variety of hair purposes, such as applying a matte finish, adding shine, increases volume, and more.

Check out the following product highlights for each line!


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