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what's your skin type?

Knowing your skin type is essential for knowing how to best love and take care of your skin.

Many people don’t know their skin type, or are confused as to what it is. In this post, we will describe the four main different skin types to help you identify yours.

If you are still unsure, or would prefer a professional opinion, our stylists at Salon Jaylee are always open to guiding you with a skin consultation. We carry PCA Skin products, which caters to all skin types.

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The four main skin types and how to take care of them is described below:

Oily skin.

Oily skin is just that: oily. Those with oily skin are more prone to acne, because the oil buildup within the pores results in an increase in breakouts. However, not everyone with oily skin has acne-prone skin.

Oily skin may be more likely to get a pimple, but they are less likely to age prematurely due to the sebum (oil) production helping maintain the skin’s youthfulness.

To maintain oily skin, use a foamy, sulfate-free cleanser to wash your face daily. Using an exfoliating serum with ingredients, such as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, is a tried-and-true method of treating and preventing breakouts. Tea tree oil, sulfur, and even retinoids can be useful ingredients in eradicating acne. Do your research and speak to a professional before implementing any medical-grade products with active ingredients such as these. 

Just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean facial oils are off limits. Although facial oils are not effective for everyone, they can still offer hydration, moisture, and anti-inflammatory benefits to those with oily skin.

Dry skin.

Dry skin produces less sebum than oily skin, hence the more flaky, dull appearance. The skin can feel tight, particularly after washing your face. Those with dry skin are more prone to premature aging because dry skin lacks the needed moisture to nourish it. Acne is possible, but not as common for people with dry skin.

After washing your face, immediately begin your skin care routine to retain as much moisture as possible within the skin. Steer clear of foaming cleansers, as these can be more drying. Look for a creamy, hydrating cleanser that targets your specific skin concerns.

Those with dry skin heavily rely upon facials oils. Popular, results-driven facial oils include rosehip oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, and sunflower roil. Following the rule (apply skin care products from thinnest consistency to thickest consistency,) always apply your facial oil as the final step in your skin care regimen.

Combination skin.

What if I have both oily and dry skin? This means you have combination skin! Combination skin is mainly oily in the T-zone of the face and dry everywhere else. Minor breakouts are sometimes an issue for this skin type, but can be easily addressed. Using a light cleanser and alternate serums for both oily and dry skin will be your saving grace.

Because combination skin is the best of both worlds, two types of products, including one for oily skin and one for dry skin, are normally required to achieve balanced, beautiful skin.

Sensitive skin.

Those with sensitive skin can occasionally be so sensitive that even touching their skin causes it to turn red. Sensitive skin must be treated mindfully to counteract any negative or uncomfortable reactions.

Sensitive skin can be gently cleansed with a creamy cleanser. Serums and facial oils or moisturizers containing soothing, calming ingredients, such as aloe vera, chamomile, vitamin E, and squalene, can be used daily. Those with sensitive skin must remember to apply their SPF each morning and reapply throughout the day to avoid burning or irritation.

Exfoliation is still possible for sensitive skin, but it's best to stick with chemical exfoliants. Chemical exfoliants useful for sensitive skin include those made with alpha-hydroxy acids and beta-hydroxy acids.

Stop by one of our 3 Salon Jaylee locations and check out what PCA Skin products we have for your skin type!