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chemical services

Color Services

High-quality color formulas, radiant hues, and beautiful shine are given when working with our color artists. Salon Jaylee stylists have received advanced training in all of the latest techniques and emerging trends, so whether you are searching for a subtle glaze, gorgeous highlights, or corrections after box color mishaps, we are well versed in the full spectrum of color services.

Color & Blowdry (2oz)

Graduate Designer:$114.00
Senior Designer:$136.00
Senior Director:$154.00
Master Stylist:$166.00

This simple application can refresh your current style or completely change your look. Schwarzkopf color produces high definition tones, iconic blondes, trendy fashion colors, and offers express permanent color and ammonia-free demi-permanent color.

Color, Haircut & Blow Dry

Graduate Designer:$121.50
Senior Designer:$147.50
Senior Director:$171.50
Master Stylist:$186.00

Color, Highlights, Blowdry

Graduate Designer:$231.00
Senior Designer:$262.00
Senior Director:$294.00
Master Stylist:$331.00

Color, Highlights, Haircut & Blowdry

Graduate Designer:$238.50
Senior Designer:$273.50
Senior Director:$311.50
Master Stylist:$351.00

Highlights/Low Lights & Blowdry

Graduate Designer:$159.00
Senior Designer:$176.00
Senior Director:$196.00
Master Stylist:$225.00

Our artists will create a custom formula and personalized color design for you by choosing select strands of hair and weaving color through them using the latest placement techniques. Whether you desire multi-dimension, peek-a-boo accent colors or natural looking sun-kissed hair, our professionals will create a tailored look just for you.

Highlights/Lowlights, Haircut & Blowdry

Graduate Designer:$166.50
Senior Designer:$187.50
Senior Director:$213.50
Master Stylist:$245.00

The perfect combo.

Accent Highlights / up to 10 foils Sections

Graduate Designer:$86.00
Senior Designer:$103.00
Senior Director:$124.00
Master Stylist:$124.00

Best when creating dramatic looks. Pricing based upon consultation.

Balayage & Blowdry

Graduate Designer:$177.00
Senior Designer:$196.00
Senior Director:$215.00
Master Stylist:$238.00

This free-hand coloring technique adds rich, layered colors creating natural-looking highlights. Rather than using foils, our artistic professionals will “paint” color onto certain strands without separating them from the rest of the hair.

Balayage, Haircut & Blowdry

Graduate Designer:$184.50
Senior Designer:$207.50
Senior Director:$232.50
Master Stylists:$258.00

The perfect combo.

Balayage, Color & Blowdry

Graduate Designer:$249.00
Senior Designer:$282.00
Senior Director:$313.00
Master Stylist:$344.00

Balayage, Color, Haircut & Blowdry

Graduate Designer:$256.50 
Senior Designer:$293.50
Senior Director:$330.50
Master Stylist:$364.00

Toner/Overlay Additional Color per 2oz

$35.00 All Levels 

Sometimes you need a little extra; please ask your Stylist during your consultation and hair analysis how many ounces of hair color you will need before you start your color processes. 

Hair Treatments

From hydrating Mask Treatment to Color Boosting Shots, Salon Jaylee offers an array of products and add-ons to make your hair healthy and stunning! 

Hair Mask Treatment

$12.00 All Levels 

Whether you're a curly Sue or stick-straight Sally, there's a hair mask designed just for you to deliver the hair of your dreams. 

Intensive Extra Shot Therapy

$17.00 All Levels 

An add-on service that delivers intense care through highly concentrated ingredients to help your hair be the healthiest it can be. Each shot is formulated for your hair specific needs. 

Extra Shot Therapy + Hair Mask

$22.00 All Levels

The ultimate hair add-on service to make your hair the "happiest" it can be! 


From long wavy locks to bold curls or stick-straight hair…. Texturing services can transform your natural hair into a variety of looks. Some texturing services are designed to naturally diminish over time, while other texture treatments may have a more permanent effect.

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Graduate Designer:$324.00


Senior Designer:$351.00


Senior Director:$378.00

Master Stylist:$378.00

If you ever wished your hair was more manageable, softer, smoother or had more shine, this revolutionary therapy was created for you. It reduces frizz and curl and instantly adds fabulous shine, silkiness and moisture to your hair by infusing natural keratin into the hair’s cuticle. Your hair will be much more manageable with an amazingly sleek look.

Express Keratin

$48.00 All Levels

Keratin is a protein-rich treatment that restores hair to its pristine condition. It does not change the genetic makeup of hair. Rather, it makes hair more manageable, easy to style, and frizz-free.