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Salon Jaylee Signature Spa Pedicure

Graduate Designer:$52.00
Senior Designer:$56.00
Senior Director:$60.00
Master Stylist:$60.00

Your feet work hard for you – they carry you around day after day. So why not give them some TLC and treat them to an hour break, soaking in a whirlpool of hot, soothing water? Our professionals cut and file your toenails, clean and clip your cuticles, buff and massage your feet and finish with your choice of nail polish color. Your feet with thank you – they will feel revitalized and softer after we pamper them.

Classic Natural Nail Manicure

Graduate Designer:$29.00
Senior Designer:$33.00
Senior Director:$36.00
Master Stylist:$36.00

Your hands do not go unnoticed and you will feel confident showing off your perfectly-polished nails and smooth, younger-looking hands after you treat yourself to one of our classic manicures. Not only are our manicures relaxing, our service providers are meticulous in their work, promising your nails a clean, crisp finish. All traces of previous nail polish are removed first, and then your nails are smoothed and shaped to your desired length and look. Cuticle softening is used to clean areas on and around your nail bed which in turn repairs and rejuvenates your skin. Any stress you may have will be lifted during your relaxing hand massage, then your nails are painted with the color of your choice.

Manicure with Gel Polish

Graduate Designer:$39.00
Senior Designer:$47.00
Senior Director:$49.00
Master Stylist:$49.00

The same process as the natural nail manicure is used to prepare your nails for gel polish. Gel polish is a long lasting alternative to traditional nail polish or acrylic nails. Gel polish is cured under LED lighting in 30 second intervals, and will last 2 to 3 week, maintaining its shine without chipping. (All gel manicures include gel polish removal prior to manicure.)

Nail Complements

Pamper yourself with extra special treatments during your manicure or pedicure to customize the service just for you.

Nail Art

$7.00 All Levels

Add special flair to your nails to really stand out – choose from gems or unique designs.

Polish Change

$17.00 All Levels

Before going for a special event, night on the town or just you just want to mix things up, a polish change is a quick and easy way to enhance fabulousness. 

French Polish

$7.00 All Levels 

Whether you want classic white tips or a pop of color, our professionals will create this timeless design for you.

Farmhouse Fresh® Mask

$12.00 All Levels 

The intoxicating fragrance of Farmhouse Fresh® products will whisk you away to the beach in an instant. Sweet, sensual, and tropical, the scents are impossible to forget. The botanical ingredients moisturize and nourish skin encouraging its natural rejuvenation process. The trip to the beach may be an illusion, but the silky, healthy skin following applications is a reality.