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but first, skin care.

As the season is changing (yes, even in Florida!), it’s time to start adjusting our skin care and makeup routines to keep that summer glow all year-round!

1. Ditch the sulfates. We know it’s bad in our shampoos, so why are we still using it on our faces? Multiple skin conditions and sensitivities stem from the use of a cleanser with sulfates. All PCA and bareMinerals cleansers free of sulfates and are formulated to target specific skin types and conditions.

2. Exfoliate. Polish away dry skin and increase cell turn over for a radiant, healthy glow. 

3. Start using a Toner. Toners can get a bad rep, but should be a vital role in your skin care routine. Toners balance the skin’s pH, refine the pores and remove dirt and debris (and that last little bit of makeup!)

4. Slather on the serums. As the air becomes drier, our skin behaves a little differently. Serums should be selected based on skin type and skin concern. For example, if your skin becomes more dehydrated the addition of serums such as Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum, Hydrating Serum or Skinlongevity will lock moisture into the skin and offer anti-aging properties. Be sure to ask you stylist or esthetician which ones would be perfect for you.

5. Moisturize. Even if you consider your skin type to be oily, do not skip out on the hydration. bareMinerals and PCA offer several formulas guaranteed to benefit your skin

6. Adjust your foundation accordingly. As our tans fade, our summer shades may no longer be matching our fall skin. It might be time to switch to a lighter shade or even a new formula all-together. Visit any of our 3 locations to discover what foundation is best for your and a complimentary shade match.

7. Always apply SPF. No matter the season, protect your skin year round with a broad spectrum SPF.

8. Pamper your skin. PCA Facials and Chemical Peels are offered at Southern Trace and Rolling Acres salons. Makeup applications are available at all 3 Salon Jaylee locations.