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l'anza heal & restore kit + vibrancy & shine kit

L’Anza Hair Care has been a staple in the beauty industry for over 3 decades! We can count on their tried-and-true methods and formulations to maintain beautiful, healthy hair.

“L’ANZA was introduced to the beauty industry as one of the first professional haircare brands specifically designed to address individual hair needs.”

This fall, we have two L’Anza kits you can choose from, according to your hair goals.

The Heal & Restore kit includes products from the Keratin Healing Oil collection, which is purposed for hydrating the hair and leaving it with a smooth finish.

The Vibrancy & Shine kit includes products from the Healing ColorCare collection, which is purposed for extending the lifespan of hair color and leaving it with a brilliant finish.

Let’s get to know more about the products in each kit!

Heal & Restore Kit:


A gentle cleansing that increases hair volume, protects hair color, and hydrates the hair. Your hair will be strengthened and appear silky smooth!

What are others saying?

Excellent product
Ladies, U use good creams for your face and this shampoo and conditioner will take good care of your hair - can be used on colored hair or not but if your hair is damaged from sun or just lost that luster, the oils in the product will be great for your scalp/hair. Give it a try - you'll love the smell too.

Prayers answered!
I use this shampoo about twice a week with the conditioner and trauma treatment, as well as the healing oil every day. My frizzy nasty curly hair is looking fantastic. The curls are real curls, not just frizz. I'm so sorry it took me so long to find this. For me, even though it is super expensive, for now it is worth every penny.


This conditioner contains a solid amount of active ingredients that strengthen the hair, replenish shine, and boost elasticity.

What are others saying?

My 5th Time Purchasing

My hair could be entangled worse than Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina in a 3 day long bun & THIS CONDITIONER will untangle it. I Leave it in for 4-5 minutes and my hair is left Shiny, silky, soft every time ! No other conditioners compare for me. My hair is very thin, fine and dyed blonde.

I recently went from brunette to blonde. My already dry and coarse hair went to super dry and breakable after. I bought this because i LOVE L'Anza products and.. I'm so glad I did! After the first use, my hair had bounce and softness to it even before I had dyed my hair! I am buying the shampoo in this line next! You absolutely get what you paid for! ♥️


This versatile hair treatment can be used on all hair types for varying purposes. It can be used to add volume, shine, and heat protection. Or, it can be used to help detangle the hair and shorten the drying time of hair.

What are others saying?

My hairstylist recommended this hair oil and I'm obsessed! No other hair oil has made my hair look so silky smooth and it's so soft! I love this and the price is great for the ounces.

This stuff is incredible! Light weight, hydrating, and smells amazing! I use a quarter sized amount on damp hair, follow with the Lanza Trauma Treatment, and style! My hair is so silky soft and shiny! I also use this to finish my hair and add hydration throughout the day. I love that it has added heat and UV protection! For those with fine hair like me it may feel heavy immediately after applying but give it a few minutes and your hair will soak it up! Highly recommend! I use in conjunction with the Lanza Keratin Healing Oil Shampoo and Conditioner and it's incredible. Lanza has single-handedly saved my bleached and heat damaged hair. I will use this oil for the rest of time!

Vibrance & Shine Kit:


This sulfate-free shampoo is ideal for those with colored hair. While protecting your hair color from fading, it also thoroughly cleanses the hair and scalp.

What are others saying?

Love, love this!
This shampoo is the absolute best! I've been using it for quite a few years now. This shampoo leaves my thin hair, full, soft, easy to manage & smells so good. This shampoo is concentrated so you only need a very small amount for luscious lather, a little goes a long way & a bottle lasts a very long time! This may be expensive but very economical in the long run. I use it every other day! I'm sold on Lanza ... the best without a doubt! I know when I buy Lanza products I'm getting my money's worth! Love this!

Best Choice
It takes a small amount of this product to wash and condition which makes it last quite awhile. I found my hair color did last a week or two longer. I will definitely purchase this again... whenever I run out!


Condition your hair without fading it with harsh chemicals with this conditioner. Wonderful for ratty hair, this conditioner will help you safely detangle your hair.

What are others saying?

Over 10 years using this great product!
I've used this shampoo/conditioner for over 10 years. It's great for color treated hair. It maintains the color and makes my hair look healthy.

Very moisturizing
Great product. Very moisturizing and helped my color stay longer. Even my stylist saw the difference between salon visits.


Deeply healing, this hair treatment is beneficial to traumatized hair. There’s still hope with this product! Its lightweight formula will leave you feeling restored.

What are others saying?

This stuff is amazing!! I use after showering and before styling. WOW! My hair feels so healthy and soft. This stuff has repaired my heat damaged and bleached hair! I love that it has heat and UV protection to keep my color looking fresh! This stuff is worth it! Buy!

I've had blonde hair for the past 2 years and my hair was dry, frizzy and with split ends. I started using this product and my hair is now shiny and soft! It has done wonders for my hair. Definitely recommend!!

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