At Salon Jaylee, we’re all about taking all of our salon services to the next level — including our nail services.

Our manis and pedis will have you feeling you’ve been transported to a luxurious spa at an exclusive resort getaway. We bring the luxury to you!

Because we’re dedicated to bringing you and our talented team the very best in products and services, we’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with Apres Nail; the pioneering brand behind revolutionary soft nail technology.

Apres Nail now at Salon Jaylee.

About Apres Nail

Apres Nail is on a mission to “create standards, not trends” in the professional nail industry. Their patented formulas and products are developed with one goal in mind – to provide nail technicians and clients with an unparalleled experience that breaks away from fast fashion fads.

What makes Apres Nail so special? They work directly with beauty pros to truly understand what the industry needs, and deliver those needs through superior quality, consistency and innovation.

What sets Apres Nail apart from other brands is their unwavering focus on collaboration. Instead of dictating trends from the top down, Apres Nail works directly with beauty professionals to understand their needs and develop products that meet and exceed expectations.

This collaborative approach ensures that every product that bears the Apres Nail name is not just innovative, but also practical and user-friendly.

Their dedication to innovation, quality, and sustainability aligns perfectly with our values at Salon Jaylee.

Introducing Apres Nail to Our Services

Starting now, we’ll be using Apres Nail’s exceptional products for all our manicure and pedicure services. This includes their showstopping gel polishes that provide world-class shine, easy removal, and long-lasting wear.

Founded by nail professionals for beauty professionals, Apres Nail is at the forefront of reshaping the nail industry as we know it.

Their commitment to innovation goes beyond product development; it’s ingrained in their DNA. By championing education and collaboration within the nail community, Apres Nail is dedicated to empowering beauty professionals to push boundaries, unleash their creativity, and achieve their wildest dreams.

Our wide collection of Apres Nail polishes offers an artist’s palette of colors designed to complement every look, mood and personal style. You’ll find your perfect shade — and then some!

Can’t decide amongst the infinite options? Not to worry, our wonderful nail artists live for moments like these. Allow them to tap into their creative expertise and provide personalized color inspiration that speaks to your trendy or timeless tastes.

Apres Nail is so much more than just polish. Their groundbreaking, patented Gel-X system allows us to offer the latest in soft gel nail extensions. It’s the new wave of nail extensions!

The Magic of Gel-X Extensions

At Salon Jaylee, we believe that beauty should never come at the expense of health. Unlike harsh acrylics, Gel-X extensions are applied using a soft, flexible gel that molds seamlessly to your natural nails. There’s no filing, odors or damage involved; just beautiful, durable nails that look and feel like the real thing.

Our nail artists have fallen in love with the virtually limitless design capabilities Gel-X provides. Subtle and chic or bold and artsy, the options are endless with this revolutionary system.

The Gel-X extension system offers unparalleled aesthetic possibilities and prioritizes the well-being of our guest’s nails. We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of your natural nails, while still indulging in beautiful enhancements.

With Gel-X extensions, our guests can enjoy the freedom to express their unique style without compromising the health of their nails. Gel-X extensions provide the perfect canvas for our amazing service providers to bring your vision to life.

Apres Nail Gel-X nail extensions at Salon Jaylee.

Round Apres Nail Gel-X nail extension lengths.

Mani/Pedi Pampering with Farmhouse Fresh

To complement our switch to Apres Nail polish and extensions, continue enjoying our top-rated Farmhouse Fresh skin care line used in all our manicure and pedicure services.

Farmhouse Fresh is renowned for its farm-to-table skincare products. They offer nourishing oils, exfoliants, masks and more. You’ll leave with soft, glowing skin from hands to feet!

Farmhouse fresh prioritizes using natural, cruelty-free ingredients, while also actively contributing to animal rescue efforts. Their dedication to animal welfare resonates deeply with us at Salon Jaylee.

We wholeheartedly support their mission to make a positive impact beyond the beauty industry (especially to our furry friends!)

Experience the Difference Today

Whether you’re in need of a quick polish change, stylish new set of Gel-X extensions, or a full mani/pedi pampering session, we invite you to experience these transformative new products and services for yourself.

Book now and get ready to fall in love with your nails all over again!

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